Planka i London

Studenter i London genomför en självreduktionsvecka mellan den 12:e och 19:e Maj. För att sätta fokus på studenternas dåliga ekonomi och de ständigt ökande priserna på kollektivtrafiken så trycker man upp egna “fattiglappskort” och startar en bötesfond inspirerad av p-kassan. Vi önskar våra kamrater lycka till och hoppas att detta initiativ leder till en mer långvarig kamp för avgiftsfri kollektivtrafik!

Nedan kan du läsa hela inbjudan till denna vecka

You are invited to take part in a social game and art experiment between the 12th and the 19th of May. For the duration of one week you will be able to ride the Docklands Light Rail to and from university without a ticket. You will recieve a Student Poverty Card, which claims to grant free transportation for students on the DLR in place of a ticket to show the ticket inspector. It is of utter importance that each participant is convinced of the validity of this DIY ticket!

You should document every encounter and discussion with the ticket inspector or fellow passengers in whatever way you wish – through photography, video, mobile phone, sound recording or just through text; date and outcome of the encounter. At the end of the week, 19th of May, there will be a Private View and small exhibition of the documentation, where we will be able to exchange experiences and have a laugh and a drink.

As there is a very real risk of fines, we will set up an insurance system for the course of the week. This means each participant donates a deposit of 5 pounds for taking part; which will cover the initial costs of fines -anything above that will be covered by the individual participants. This system is inspired by the Swedish system of Planka, that is a functioning fare-dodgers union in several large Scandinavian cities ( for more info).
This art experiment is based on the everyday experiences of being a student at UEL and travelling on the DLR and having to pay the ever increasing fares of London transportation to get to university every day. It is an attempt to transform the otherwise embarrassing encounters of ticket inspections into a fun experience. An experience and encounter that provokes debate and reflection on the economic priorities of our society, and opens up to a playful and naughty questioning of authorities and the supposedly necessary increase in the costs of living and studying in London. Just imagine the socio-economic gains that could be achieved by getting rid of all the ticket lines, ticket and control systems. Lots of money goes to these systems, which leads to nothing but a bad mood in our common spaces.

Why do we have to pay so much to get around in London?
Why is the transport system not free just like roads for cars, street lighting and other things that we all need in order to live in London? These seemingly naïve questions are the base of this experiment.
From the 19th of May we will see what happens when these questions are put out in the open. By inventing our own rules and ticket system for this one week we will hopefully experience and gather answers and alternatives.

The outcome is unknown, but the ambition is to make the everyday drag and expense of transportation into an exciting experience, refusing the, supposedly inevitable, financial pressures of rising prices by having fun, supporting each other and sharing experiences, and to question the economic priorities of our society.

The more people!
The more fun!
The greater the impact…

Here is what you have to do:

  • Give your name and get your photo taken at the campaign desk next to Oscars (open Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th from 11 am-1 pm and 2 pm -4 pm)
  • Collect your card and pay 5 pounds insurance deposit outside Oscars at lunchtime Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th
  • Start using your card the following Monday for your travels, remember to document and take evidence of your encounters and any possible fines
  • Friday the 19th exhibition opens! Drinks, snacks and socializing in the AVA building (follow signs…) around 4 pm


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