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In Stockholm and Gothenburg commuters are taking the initiative in the public transportation. Buses, trams, commuter trains and subways are necessary for us to get around in society. We cannot choose to walk 5 kilometers if it does not suit us to pay the fare. The public transportation should be like the sidewalk – paid by all, free to walk on. It would be as absurd to charge for it, as charging for public transportation.

Freeriding insurance

United we stand strong! “P-kassan” – the freeriding insurance – is a cooperation between people in similar situations. We do not afford the fare or do not want to pay it. You pay a small amount to the fund and if you get caught freeriding your bill is payed. The idea of this insurance is not new. It has been tried before and for quite some time, especially by students in the university cities, and has worked well even though in a small scale. The difference is that we have a greater goal than just helping each other to freeride. We want free public transportation, owned by us together and controlled by the workers in it.

Everyone will benefit from free transports

In Stockholm, all those who make less then 75 000 kronor per month (about 8300 euros) would benefit by letting a small tax raise finance the public transportation. Free public transportation is a way of taking from the richest and giving to the rest of us. It is about time for that kind of redistribution in our segregated cities.

And think about the socioeconomic gains that could be achieved by getting rid of all the ticket lines, tickets and control systems. Lots of money goes to these systems which leads to nothing but a bad mood in our common spaces.

We need to prioritize public transportations instead of cars

In the long run free public transportation would lead to other positive effects, like a better urban environment with less traffic jams. Today car traffic is prioritized at the expense of public transportation. Roads are financed by tax money and are free to use, but the public transportation is financed by fares. It is rather strange that the authorities punish those who choose the means of travel that suits the environment best.

Join the freerider insurance fund and take part in the struggle for free public transportation!*