Do carefully read through these terms before you join the p-kassa.

You can become a member for four different time periods:

One week: 50 kronor
One calendar month: 100 kronor
Half a year: 500 kronor
And weeknights and weekends with Planka Lite (one calendar month): 50 kronor

Memberships are valid per calendar month. Monthly- and biyearly memberships ends at the end of the last/current month of the membership. If you join for a month the 5 of June the membership lasts until the 30th of June. If you join for a half a year the 5 of June, you are a member until the 30th November. If you pay after the 25th one month, the membership becomes valid the 1st the following month. The weekly membership is valid for seven days.

The first time you join we want you to give us your name, address and social security number (your social security number is important mainly for our register). At later payments you only have to include the period for which you want to become a member and sufficient information for us to be able to connect the payment to you. If you don’t have a Swedish social security number, you just write your name and address.

Everyone is welcome to join the p-kassa, but we do reserve the right to exclude members who are blatantly sabotaging our activity.

If your were to get caught you send in the payment form and control rapport that you get from the controllers, and in addition the self risk of a 100 kronor. We then take care of the rest, and you don’t have to worry, we will pay your fine.

However, P-kassan does NOT pay fines you have receiver when not a member! If you send us a fine that you have gotten when you weren’t a member we will NOT pay it! We will try and send it back, but the time it takes usually results in reminders to pay. So for both our sakes, don’t send in fines when you’re not a member! You won’t be able to join later and get your fine paid either!

You can get caught as many times as possible as long as you’re a member. Planka.nu is valid in all SL-traffic except perhaps boats, even stations that are outside city limits (as Gnesta and Bålsta) as long as you receive your fine from a SL-controller.

We reserve the right to changes these terms.

Bear in mind that the p-kassa is based on solidarity! If you get caught it’s the other members that get stuck with your fine. Next time maybe it’s the other way around. So try to evade raids and controllers and not get caught if possible, both you and other free riders will benefit from it in the long run!

Planka.nu does not take responsibility for payments or other problems that may arise in case the fund cannot be administered, such as if the postal service, the bank, the plusgiro, SL or something else may faulty.