How do I join?

Pay the membership fee to: PlusGiro: 147 68 45-1 (recipient

Write your name, address, social security number, which period your are paying for and if you want a planka lite membership.

Or pay on the internet. Writing your name, social security number, the period you want to become a member and your address, in that exact order in the message/OCR-space.

OBS! this is only for joining the p-kassa in stockholm, if you want information on how to join it in other cities please email them.

Different memberships

Type Length Fee
Planka month this is our most popular membership. 1 month 100 kr
Planka half year you get a 100kr discount if you pay for a six months. 6 months 500 kr
Planka week this is for the tourists. 7 days 50 kr
Planka Lite is valid just for weeknights and weekends, especially suitable for you who get a school term card from your school. 1 month 50 kr

When you join the p-kassa you give us the right to enter your personal information into our register.

Because we work pro-bono we can’t give you any confirmation on you payment. We simply trust the postal service.

Make sure you have read through the terms for membership closely before you join the p-kassa. That way you’’ll avoid unpleasant surprises.

Membership will commence

If you pay with credit card or e-bank via Payson
Due to security issues and to prevent the p-kassa from being abused your membership will commence earliest the day after you have payed via Payson.

If you are paying via Plusgiro
N.B! Membership will commence the day we receive the money on our account, unless you have specified a later date in connection with the payment. It is NOT possible to become a member earlier then the day we receive the money. Normally one bank day is required for us to receive them.

Member login

To receive a confirmation that your members fee has arrived and that your membership has come into effect you have the option of logging in to our membership service, read more about how to activate your account and how it work. Presently this information is not available in English, however you could use your browsers translation feature.


The self-risk amount is 100:- and constitutes a one time fee, which you pay every time you have been caught. The reason to you having to pay a franchise every time you’ve been caught is to encourage all members to watch out for ticket inspectors. The p-kassa is a solidarity fund; in solidarity with other members and to ensure that it carries it’s own weight we want members to actively avoid inspectors.

The self-risk is deposited at plusgiro: 147 68 45 – 1 (recipient of payment:, label the payment self-risk and include the control rapport and your social security number. Click here to pay the self-risk with credit card or e-bank.

The personal information law, PUL

When joining the p-kassa you give us the right to enter your personal information in our registry.

Make sure that you have carefully read through our p-kassa membership terms before joining. Observe that the P-kassa does not reimburse fines you have gotten from the police while free riding.