If you’ve been caught?

If you’re already a member of the p-kassa, then there’s no problem. You just send in what you got from the controller: the payment form and the control rapport, plus the self-risk of 100 kronor. We need all those three things to be able to pay your fine!

Send your fine to:

Box 38183
100 64 Stockholm

The self-risk you have to pay when you get caught, you send to us in an envelope with the fine, or you pay it through the postgiro. It’s important that if you pay through the postgiro, you let us know when and that you did so, when you send in the fine. Read more about the self-risk here.

We will pay your fine as quickly as we can, but SL are quick to send reminders to pay, so you may get one anyway. That’s usually nothing to worry about, they’re just whining. But if you want to be really sure call SLs farecontroll or Eurocredit, and double-check. Sometimes it happens that SL doesn’t register a payment and you have to complement it with a receipt.

It is of utmost importance that you send in your fine as soon as possible after you’ve received it! You have to send both the postgiroform and the control rapport!If you waste any time and get a reminder from Eurocredit with a reminder fee of 50 kronor, we pay it only if the control rapport is in the same envelope! We do not pay the additional fee! For us to pay a fine of more than 1200 kronor, you will have to pay us the rest of the money, preferably in the same envelope, or through the plusgiro with a note that says when this happened. It’s important that you pay as soon as possible! Additional fees that we get that are more than a month old will not be taken care of.

We have no time to send you any confirmation that your fine has been paid. But as long as the postal service does its job, there’s no need to worry. If you’re unsure we suggest you call SLs farecontrol and ask if your fine has been paid. It’s good if you supply your phone number and full address when you send in your fine, so that we can contact you if there’s any problem.

At the same time we want to remind everybody to hassle SL as much as you can before you bite the dust and send us the fine. It’s our common fund that pays, after all.

If you haven’t read the terms on how the p-kassan works, we recommend you do so, so that you don’t come across any unpleasant surprises down the line.

P-kassan does NOT pay fines you have receiver when not a member! If you send us a fine that you have gotten when you weren’t a member we will NOT pay it! We will try and send it back, but the time it takes usually results in reminders to pay. So for both our sakes, don’t send in fines when you’re not a member! And you won’t be able to join later and get your fine paid that way either, pal!