Public transport staff

Most staff in the public transport are really friendly people and you almost never have any problem with them. But sometimes it can be a problem when you are free-riding and then it’s good to know which rights you and they have. 

Ticket inspectors

Ticket inspectors are those in the SL-area whose main task is to hunt passengers without a valid ticket. They do this mainly by two methods; screening during the trip and raids in connection to turnstiles. Ticket inspectors are since the 1st of January 2013 hired by ISS. Ticket inspectors often work in groups of at least five and are easy to recognize from a great distance and to distinguish from other SL-personnel. Furthermore they have to wear screening badges clearly fastened to their clothing, so with a well trained eye you will easily identify them.

According to SL ticket inspectors are not allowed to ”take custody of, arrest or restrain passengers that lack a valid ticket”. So if you encounter a ticket inspector it suffices to calmly and down to the point explain to them that you are not going to show your ticket but instead choose to exit the train/exit the station.

If you still get caught and can’t make your way out of there it’s important to not show identification. If you do it’s hard to later claim that you were not present if you want to appeal the fine, which is something you can do if you have received a fine. Claim that someone else has used your personal information and explain that you never have been there; there’s a high chance that the fine will be dismissed. If SL despite this were to take the matter further it can work taking the case to the legal system, because then it’s up to SL to prove that you were at spot. Ticket inspectors really just want to write you a find and then let you go, without creating a fight or a situation. Therefore this trick is a rather good one.

Turnstile expeditors

Turnstile expeditor’s main responsibility is security, information and sale of tickets on the station. They are not tasked with hunting free riders and have nothing to gain by it. Therefore turnstile expeditors are of little concern for the free rider. However there are despite this turnstile expeditors which yell after you, but there’s no reason to care. Ignore and carry on towards the train.

Security guards

The security guards are hired through a third party, for example Securitas. Their main responsibility is keeping order in the public transport system. They are dressed in blue uniforms with the text ”ordningsvakt” on the front and back. They should not be confused with the police, whose uniform features the same logo and also is coloured blue, albeit a darker tone. Security guards do not verify tickets and are not a problem to free riders unless they are watching a turnstile barrier. Then they will try to escort you out, something that they in contrast to other SL-personnel are allowed to do. Therefore it’s a good idea to head for another turnstile/downwards passage if you would encounter security guards.


Conductors have the same function as ticket booth expeditors in the subway, that is selling tickets, providing information and security. The difference, however, is that they traverse the train asking to take a look at tickets, and if you don’t have one you are allowed to buy one directly from the conductor. The conductor is not an inspector and can therefore not fine you. The conductors on commuter trains, Saltsjöbanan and Roslagsbanan however abide by the railway law and have the right to kick you off or restrain you while waiting for police. What they do is that they will throw you off at the next station unless you buy a ticket, therefore it’s very easy to free ride if you only need to go a few stations.


In addition, sometimes the metro police also perform screening in Stockholm. Civics or uniformed dressed police stand at the turnstiles and bust those who free ride on the way in. Then you won’t get an ordinary surcharge but a fine, which usually has the amount of 1000 kronor. These are not payed by However the police are fairly easy to avoid: don’t free ride if uniformed police is present and be weary if big grown men in civics clothing is lurking inside the turnstiles.